Tuesday, March 16, 2010

wow... someone is stalking her and in return, they came to my blog from her blog. but not really in a good way coz it reminded me of the blog war that were stemmed from a stupid bitch. yes, i still hate the stupid bitch to the core. :D

but the stupid bitch has now locked her blog... maybe she finally found out that her gf cheated on her sometime in January? hmmm.... :D


  1. Seriously I wonder how your blog is linked to mine. Great.

  2. Asylum_Seeker, from the statscounter, someone read ur blog all the way back to last year's entry where we had our 'blog war' (you did put my blog's link there)

    anyway, i was pretty O.o when i saw the path that they came from.

    someone is mightily interested in you to the extend of reading your posts all the way back :D

  3. Asylum_Seeker, positively, yes, can consider as 'Yippee'

    but me being a scorpio, who's always being suspicious, i will be on my toes :D