Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ok, yesterday's meeting was a good one. i think i just need to sabar for another 1-2 months. then i can live comfortably :D

i realized a couple hours ago why i dont have many friends. i dont have patience and i dont like to compromise.

i was aghast to find my planned vacay was on the verge of being hijacked into some kinda stressful clown show. =.="

you see, i suggested to ABC one fine day to go to a dog friendly beach resort coz i seriously needed a vacation badly. and ABC agreed. then the next thing i know, some of ABC's friend came across the plan and on the verge of self inviting themselves to MY vacay. as foresee, the more ppl get involve with the 'plan' the more opinions they have. and it was pretty annoying and unsettling coz a) who the fuck ask you to come anyway?? b) it's MY idea of a VACATION, MY time to be relax so WHY THE FUCK DO I CARE TO LISTEN TO YOUR FUCKING SUGGESTIONS??? c) pls get your own vacation and dont bother me!

i know you all have the same thinking: the more the merrier. then go find your own merry la. why wanna intrude into MY plan??? you merry, i not merry ah!

i m a self proclaimed loner. i prefer to be almost alone. but not totally alone. my ideal vacay is to go some QUIET beachy place and tan myself silly whilst reading a book with a few bottles of ice cold beer. such activities cannot have a group of ppl go one... coz i like quietness and too many ppl going to this vacay will only make it NOISY.

yes, i m a loner. more like i m choosy of who i wanna hang out with. i know you all will be thinking, cheh! i wanna hang out with ABC doesnt mean that ABC wanna hang out with me mah.... i know i know... but hor... ABC and i both agree on the vacay already. that's why i m voicing it out!



  1. I hate that too. So usually when too many ppl gets involved and complicates things, I will just cancel the damn thing. Sien. some ppl just dont understand that their opinions are not required.

  2. precisely! but noooooooooooo! they just wanna have the last say in EVERYTHING! fucking annoying lor... *le sigh*

    the reason i posted this post up is, coz another similar incident happened yesterday, but it wasnt my plans nor was it my idea. so when the plan kena hijacked, i was a lil annoyed but since it wasnt my plan, i cant voice out too much on that la.... but this vacay! i need a vacay! :D