Thursday, February 25, 2010

been eating waaaaaayyy too much recently =.="

Saturday: spent half the saturday gambling with the colleagues (i know, i know, i was suppose to balik to cook - but big boss say: no gamble no bonus! you say how leh??). we stopped gambling at about 7.30pm and went over to usj to park our car at big boss's dad's place so that we can all hop into big boss' car to go Overseas Restaurant @ Imbi. Apparently it's suppose to be fucking good and need to book waaaaaaaayyyy in advance. anyway, ok la, the food memang ok la :D actually, before we left office, Lady Boss and i were pretty tipsy alre. we skipped lunch and drank a lot of wine (big boss office got at least a dozen or so bottles of wine at any time =.=")

Sunday & Monday: tummy rest day.

Tuesday: ex-ITT staff annual cny gathering @ New Paris. Last year, there were only 5 of us turn up. This year, 10! :D it was great catching up with all of them :D we laughed and bitched and gossip so much! :D apparently ITT has a few more rounds of retrenchment. the funny thing is, they are retrenching all the ITT staffs and leaving the MNT ppl behind. what is so funny? Welp, ITT bought over MNT (ITT's then biggest competitor in the market) coz MNT were on the verge of bankruptcy due to the incompetence of their then management. But they have good products and a huge numbers of clients. ITT got greedy, mah decided to buy over lor. but once maginet was bought over, things changed. slowly but surely all the ITT staffs got retrenched (maginet ppl damn political lor). i was in the 2nd wave of retrenchment. that was like almost 2 yrs ago.... and the retrenchment is still going on =.=" so anyway, back to the story. ITT bought over MNT, and yet, all the ITT staffs are slowly being retrenched, leaving MNT staffs behind. the point is??? didnt MNT showed that they are fucking incompetent, that's why they were on the verge of bankruptcy that's why ITT bought them?? lol. ya, we were bitching about the MNT ppl the whole nite and the traitor of ITT. she is the only ITT staff left in Malaysia branch. everyone hates her lor :D the things that she has done to us is so unforgivable, that's why bitching about her is so much fun :D anyway, after dinner, they all decided to head down to Brussels for a drink or 2. but i decided not to join them coz i foresee the next day to be a fucking full day :D

Wednesday: company's cny dinner @ Sunway Resort Hotel. that was crazy. the food was pretty good... especially love the yam rice :D and as usual, since the guests know that big boss is such an alcoholic, ALL of them brought a few bottles of wine + the few bottles that big boss brought, we were pretty drunk and high within 30mins. we bottoms up at least 4 times in 30mins before the food arrive =.=" siao one... Mr. S and Mr. T was super drunk, i was super high. Big Boss was super drunk as well. it was pretty interesting drive back when you are high. dont think i will do that again tho... :P

Today: cny lunch with customer, then lion dance @ the office and then cny dinner with small cow and family.

seriously..... my tummy needs a rest wei!

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