Saturday, February 20, 2010

it's suppose to be my off day and i m in the office. coz the 2 guys are not back from their leave. hence, i need to come back. my replacement off is next weekend. but i m still tulan with the fact that i have to come in today....

anyway, guys are more gossipy than gals. MR. T is the best example. the other day he emailed me a few times asking me to gamble with him. so i mah go and entertain him and lost RM10 to him whilst betting only 50sen.... then the next day, MR. S came in and laughed at me for being a gambling addict. no money, still wanna force ppl to gamble with me for 50sen per bet. and i got fucking indignant lor... i mean like wtf??? he fucking emailed me 3 fucking times asking me to gamble and then the go and tell ppl he is actually entertaining me!

damn tulan.

and you, the one that i stalked. you are not interesting at all. you are not even funny at all. u try damn hard to be funny, but seriously, you are not. stop being so delusional and look at yourself in the mirror

and you, pls la, dont send me email asking me stupid questions about my posts when i stated very very very clearly already, the condiments i used are based on instinct. how the fuck do i know a dollop is how many spoons la???? u mah do trial and error la! seriously, i dont understand why ppl like to ask stupid questions when things are already stated. are they blind? are they having a selective reading problem? are they just plain stupid? or are they trying to have the last say in everything???

and you, can u stop standing in front of me, shouting to the phone??? u wanna shout on the phone, pls go far far away, i m not interested in listening to your shouts!

i actually damn boh song about a lot of things. the most boh song part is that i m forced to do self censorship on the ppl i am talking about. i so wish to tell them straight to the face and name the names out. but under certain circumstances, i cant. conclusion is, i m gonna grab small cow tonight to bitch more. :D

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