Tuesday, January 5, 2010

this is news worthy... because??

saw this in our local newspaper website and i felt incredulous.... why is this news even published in the 1st place???

> Sin Chew Daily reported that a widow in Singapore has slept with at least 24 men in two years, including a married man resembling her late husband.

The daily said the businesswoman had to “pleasure herself” during the six months after her husband’s death from a heart attack.

A few months later, she met a man, who looked like her late husband, and began pursuing him with expensive gifts.

He became her lover but they broke up six months later as he could not fulfil her desires.

She began picking up men in various night clubs and could not focus on her work even after consulting a psychologist.

She has since met a divorced man, in his 50s, who was able to satisfy her.

like seriously...

*Edit* - i mean it in a sarcastic manner. i just dont understand how come so much rubbish are published in the newspaper nowadays? I mean what so news worthy about it? Isnt this something like slandering making the woman embarrassed? What is wrong with her needing to be satisfied sexually? must heboh heboh kan in the newspaper ka? *shakes head*

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