Saturday, January 2, 2010

hey hey... happy new year all!

what did i ended up doing? nothing! :D went yumchar at the nearby mamak with Belle and her hubby then balik watch dvds :D until 6am...

then at 8.30am, Small Cow woke me up to run our errands. pick minger up at 9am coz she also need to do the same errand. then after waiting stonely and almost patiently, we are finally done with the chore at around 10ish. fucking slow pokes those ppl. then we all head to doremi to makan breakfast then tapau tau fu fa then balik i tidur but small cow gotta get ready for work :D

slept till 6ish 7ish. woke up makan the said tau fu fa and continue with the dvd. then Belle and hubby came over to pick me up for dinner at around 9.30pm (they also just woke up). they brought me to this new village in Sg. Way for taichow. damn cheap and yummy wei :D must bring small cow and minger and lm there one of these days. :D after that Ken (the hubby) drove himself home and then we went to do heartaching thing... pay bills =.="

then balik tidur.

damn boring and mundane right? :D

going to watch 2 movies today. damn super excited :D

this is such a mundane and boring post. so i m just gonna post it up for the sake of posting something up and also since i've alre typed so much, might as well post it up right? :D

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