Tuesday, January 12, 2010

super tulan. received an email from the lady boss about passwords and such and i got curious why she mo tuin tuin send such email. then i asked Finger and he didnt even bother to listen to the question and straightaway snapped at me and shouted at me. niama he like never die before lor. early in the morning scold me without even fucking understand the fucking question. somemore i repeated the question 2 times and he scolded me and answer my question with totally irrelevant answers 2 fucking times! after i scolded him and his ancestors, he only realized i as asking another question! how fucking stupid is he????

Ms. C also just scolded Finger. She asked them last nite if we are going to ABC coz she got document to send. then he say next week, dont know yet. whereas this morning actually we are going and it's too late to pass the doc alre coz the driver went off alre. and his stupid fucking excuse is, he thought it's import/export and not local. fucking stupid right????

i seriously think Finger should just fucking eat shit and die a thousand death!!!!!!!!!!!

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