Tuesday, January 12, 2010


... seriously... i m really an internet stalker... wahahahahahaahahaha......

it all started with me stalking daily @ AudOoi's blog and i saw her latest post on her ex-high school mate. which is damn kelakar la... and since i have a friend who is same batch as her, i mah ask my friend if she knows who is Aud talking about or not la... then somehow after some speculation, i've got a feeling i know who that person is. so i stalked in FB and i saw her blog url and i went in and read and man! it's damn entertaining la... in a bitchy way. like : wahhahahahahaha she is so loser one??? whahhahahahahaha, who the fuck she think she is??? whahahahahahaha she sound so much like Paul Khung Wee Ming* one! wahahahahhahhahahaaha! wahhahahahaha she wanna be a model??? whahahaahahahahah

*PKWM is a social outcast and the king of social retards in my batch :D and that BT (bible thumper) sound so much like him... :D except that he is 9 yrs older than her. whahahahahahahahahahahah... serious one.... everyone in my batch hates him coz he is just damn fucking rude and show offy and drama. can u imagine a 17 yrs old kid wailing like a baby just coz someone hides his school bag?? lol! yea, ppl hate him that much until ppl like to bully him :D

edited: deleted some paragraph. i dont wanna be that bitchy la :D


  1. haha please don't give ppl her url! i wrote that entry cos i was quite sure she doesn't read me and she doesn't have any connections who read me either. but i dont think shes being rude on purpose so pls dont pass her url around la haha quite poor thing!

  2. wokie wokie, i respect your decision, wont post her url up :D

  3. Aiya, I failed already, I'm no internet stalker. :( I don't know who you are talking about.

  4. mun: lol! let's just say the 'stalkee' is someone annoyingly sad :D