Wednesday, January 6, 2010


ah.... i just saw something in FB that makes me kinda tulan.

You see, i have this friend who has been having a ldr with her partner for awhile already. dah la ldr damn susah to maintain already. her partner pulak admit that he is sort of a chronic vice abuser and he is willing to change over a new leaf. but again and again he disappoint my friend la. and ended up lying to my friend. so you know la... when you find out that your partner lie to you, you memang lagi tulan one right? but hor, every time my friend tulan and tried to talk sense to him, he play the victim card and somehow suddenly he like so 'wai tai' like that. he claims that he go into the vices because he knows she needed money. damn wtf right???? wei, you go into the vices because you are fucking addicted to it, ok?? dont la find excuses and push the blame to her! that is really a stupid move leh. like that will make ppl even more tulan leh!

anyway, i digress. the thing is, i saw his FB status lor... here's the thingie:

HIM "The star sends signals but just moments ago left the moon crying. And now the star wants a shoulder to lean and for tears to roll. What about the moon when she cried yet no signal from the star?"
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"moon must let star know. If there is still no progress on star's side, star is selfish and doesn't deserve moon's tears. However, if it is possible, moon can still lend a shoulder for star."
"so poetic....i'm so glad in person u don't speak shakespeare. :) all ok?"
"Stars are not wanted now, pack up e moon and dismantle the sun, pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods for nothing now could come to any good.. WH Auden."
"ok...let me change that: So poetic....I'm so glad in person u don't speak Auden. ;)"

Dear My good friend's partner,

I think you and her has potential. And i know you do care for her enough to make an appointment with the doc to cure your addiction to the said vice. But hor, at the same time, you are hurting my friend a lot by constantly lying to her and constantly finding excuse to go into the vices and constantly pushing the blame to my friend.

Imagine la if she is the one with the addiction and you are the one tulan. And then she go and tell you that she is doing it for your sake when she knows damn well that you hate people who are addicted to it. you also will feel tulan, right??

So please stop spreading your lies around your friends and claim that you are doing it for her own good and act as if you are the victim la!

You as her boyfriend knows how egoistic she is and she will never call or find friends to cry. So when she called you last night, it's very obvious that she is crying for help and you just shut the door on her.

You claimed that she has shut the door on you when you approached her to cry. But honestly speaking, do you really think you deserved her shoulder to cry on? She told you so many times not to do it, but you didn't listen to her. And sneaked to the neighboring country to do it without her knowledge and then you know you did wrong and instead of admitting your wrong doings, you pushed the blame to her, saying that you are doing it for her own good. you see how wtf the situation is? do you still think you deserved her shoulder to cry on??

Also hor, from the tone of Friend 1, it seems that you have told your 'version' to them. the version seems very distorted leh....

Dah lah this ldr thingie is so fragile, it takes a lot of effort to keep the ldr thingie going, you refused to repent. she already told you how insecure she is already feeling from this ldr thingie and you go and add more insecurities by being an unrepentant vice abuser. how to see a future with you wor....

think about it la. coz hor, i still think if this issue has been resolved, you 2 will live happily ever after one. coz it's very obvious that she loves you more than her exes. :D

Yours sincerely,
The kaypoh Big Cow.

the thing is, i dont intend for this post to start another blog war, i just wanna voice out my 'boh song ness' coz i seriously don't like my friend to be painted as the villain in this whole mess! *grrrr*


  1. well thank you big cow for taking care of small cow.. she needs support and you know her well enough to know she can't open her mouth as easy as other are a good friend.. see you soon...

  2. Glad that she has a friend in you Big Cow.
    'He' doesnt deserve her. From that posting extracted from FB, there are a lot of assumptions made like 'He' said so many things to all 'His' friends. How sure are you? Then again, I guess you are defending your friend and protecting her. She needs protection now more than ever. Am very sure 'He' knows your good intent despite the hurt that this post of yours conjure.

  3. nicole: small cow just told me of the plan. weeeee! i m a sucker for kapal kukus! :D see you soon!

    Boo Radley: as i said before, i dont intent to start a blog war or intentionally hurt anyone by posting the post up. i was just very tulan with the whole situation. but i still seriously hope that they can work things out la. and i hope that 'he' will not dig himself a bigger hole by sending stupid messages like she has someone else. that is very stupid leh. he should learn to trust her more coz i know she loves him a hell of a lot :D

  4. J : glad you like but the ingredient not fancy schamzy ah.. simple simple only... the company is more the interesting wan...

  5. nic: saw the 'menu' alre.... i like!!! :D

  6. *wipe sweat* thank god.. more pleased guest.. LOL