Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And the goldfish goes blurb blurb blurb...

i dont know what happened. but suddenly i got obsessed with the local history yesterday. particularly Loke Yew. So i went and google and have been reading a lot of stuffs. and then one thing led to another, i started to read up on Malaysian Chinese history.


anyway, that aside, my memory is failing me badly. 2 examples:

1. i've been patronising Little Ben for god knows how many months already and i know Mr. T is interested in one of the staffs there and even went diving with her before. Let's say her name is WG. when i first met her few months back, i did find her familiar but i just shrug it aside and then continue to go there makan la. since i am so in love with the pan mee there and now their bento set. so anyway, the other day, small cow and i went to pavillion (they have a branch there) and we saw WG. so we talked for awhile and left. then that nite, i dreamt about things that happened in 2005. when i woke up, i had a vague memory of the dream and i didnt think much of it la. i mean it was an unpleasant memory. then few days later in the office's toilet whilst pee-ing a light bulb suddenly went 'ping' on my head and i realised that WG was actually my ex housemate from hell! no la... a bit the kua cheong but something like that la. the thing is, it was circa 2005 when i was asked to move out from Minger's and Tikusie's apt due to his illness (that time i didnt know he was sick) and since it was a rush thing, i found a room just below their apt. i moved in, and WG was the chief tenant and the other tenant is WG's uni mate, Teffie. That time i was still a drug abuser. So anyway, i moved in and we dont really see each other coz WG is forever staying with her bf and Teffie and i started to hang out. I remember going out with WG and Teffie to Merdeka's eve party and then drove to Bukit Permai to see fireworks. Then things went down the drain. 1 month into staying there, it was revealed to me that they were moving out in a month's time and i didnt have any say in anything and i gotta move. it was damn con job lor. basically, they needed someone to rent the room for 2 months to cover the deposit so that they will not lose out. and then WG started to calculate the electricity and water and telephone usage to my disadvantage. Forcing me to fork out for things that i did not use and i got angry and just moved out without paying. And she did called me a few times la to chase for the $ but i just pretend to say i will pay but i didnt. towards the end, it was pretty ugly la. i felt damn cheated lor. they were being dishonest. so anyway, ya, i just only realized the WG of LB is the same WG =.="

2. i remember attending my ex colleague's wedding sometime in 2008. coz it was my 1st indian wedding and minger attended wearing sari. i just found out from her via msn that i didnt go to her wedding. the event i went was actually her engagement :P and there i was arguing with her over msn that it was the wedding i went to :P damn embarrassing :D apparently no one from the ex company attended her wedding :D

so yea... my memory is like a goldfish :D

i blame it on my drug abusing days :D but i m clean now.


  1. I guess WG also does not remember you la else she would have asked you for the $$$. So you are not the only one who can't remember. ;-)