Thursday, January 7, 2010

i am really a bitch la :D

what happened? welp it all started with the mobile voucher for the GSC buy 1 get 1 free thingie that i gave Mr. 5cm and Finger. So they went to catch a movie last night. At 1st they wanted to watch Case 39 but apparently it hasnt released yet. Then i tuned out what movie they wanna catch alre coz i wasnt interested. this happened yesterday.

So this morning....

Me (looking at The Legion punya preview online): What movie you all watch last nite?
Finger: har?
Me: har what? the question very simple already. What movie you all watch last nite?
Finger: har? you also know already
Me: Why would i know already? If i know i ask you for what? You think i so hard up wanna talk to you issit? Why would i ask you things i already know?? You think you so great issit, until you think i wanna find excuse to talk to you???
Finger: har? you are looking at the preview what
Me: You guys watch The Legion?? how can? not yet release also!
Finger: har? who say?
Me (losing my patience and wondering why am i still talking to an imbecile): What do you mean by who say? Who else are you fucking talking to???
Finger: I saw you look at Carrier.
Me: har? what's that?
Finger: you already know what
Me: please remind me never to talk to you again. i think i m gonna have nose bleed already. idiot!
Finger: eh, so rude
Me: no need to be polite with you one.

why oh why did i bother to talk to him?

*shakes head*

but when i scolded him about him thinking i hard up wanna talk to him, i was actually secretly pleased with my bitchiness la :P i am such a total bitch :D

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