Thursday, January 7, 2010

precious commodity...

This may look like an ordinary cheapskate folder to most of you, but it is the most precious commodity in my company :D here's the low down of the file:

Name: Brown file / Job File
Usage: To keep all the relevant documents for a particular job until the job is completed and billed. then we will recycle it.
Quantity: 200 for my company and about 600 for the sister company (we are sharing the same premises)

Brief history: The sister company started to use the brown file system for the past few years coz they were using the CRM system 1st. Then when i joined this company, we started to use our own CRM system and our bosses introduce the brown file system to us. Initially, when the bosses bought the brown file, Mr. 5cm, Finger, 2 Warehouse Guys and i stayed back for few days and folded the file and taped the sides (as shown on picture) like soh hai liddat. Mr. 5cm even refer us as kerani bodoh. :D

The brown file is kept on my desk for my easy retrieval since i am the one that initiate the bookings and print the booking form out to staple on the brown file.

So anyway, recently, i noticed that the brown file stock is running alarmingly low. There are only a few possibilities:

1. The job is not closed in the timely manner (meaning to say, the operations did not submit the completed job to me to record before handing it over to the Finance Dept)
2. The Finance dept is not billing the customers in timely manner (coz they will only return the files to me after invoice has been generated.)
3. Someone has been stealing the brown files (the ppl from the sister company)
4. The brown files has legs.

After a short investigation, possibility 1 & 2 got eliminated. coz the pending area damn kao empty. and Finance side punya invoicing was taken over by me for awhile (yes, that was why i was so busy).

Then one night, whilst drinking wine with Big Boss and Finger in the office (wei, i may be busy, but i also need to relax one mah.... :P), i saw with my own eyes, Ms PA walked over to my desk nonchalantly and fucking took a stack of the empty brown files from my desk! i couldnt confront her coz it will make it seem like i m mightily petty (i know i am la... but dont wanna show the boss ma). so i kept quiet. coz that time, my brown file punya stock still healthy, so can afford to 'loan' them for awhile la.

but it got out of hands until we have to snoop around the sister company area to 'steal' our brown files back!

this call for war!

so one fine day, Finger, who helps stock up on the company's groceries bought 2 bundles of new brown files back for us (the cost of the file is sponsored by 3 of us). and suay ah! the ppl from the other camp saw it and next thing we know, our files suddenly hilang more than 50%!

damn sneaky those bitches, i tell ya!

but fear not! we are always the one who stay back later than them (Mr. 5cm holds the company keys). So there was an operasi to steal back all our brown files one fine night. the next day when they came back to work, hell break lose at their camp but they couldnt confront us coz they stole it from us in the 1st place ma. our argument is, if they need brownfiles, why cant they place order and Finger will gladly help them buy. But nooooooo they dont wanna place order coz that will make it seems like their expenditure will be higher than ours. and they are not willing to fork it out of their pocket :D so toooo bad lor...

what is the conclusion now? :D i lock the brown files up in my pedestal drawers :D so nowadays my brown stock is always healthy :D

see how precious this unassuming piece of taped up brown paper is? :D

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