Thursday, December 31, 2009

obligatory post

yea yea.. last day of 2009 (ho hum). i wanted to drive to somewhere in shah alam tonite to see fireworks. but i m so lazy now. the thoughts of getting stuck in some stupid jam is soooooo unappealing. then i called minger and ask her the plans. she say dunno yet. so i might be joining her dunno yet plan. small cow will be celebrating with Ah Telli and gang. and i might join her. lm will be having steamboat dinner with her colleagues. but i wont join her. :P

what do i wanna do? SLEEP!

2009 has been a bloody year for me. literally. i've never had such constant nose bleed in my life before.

it has also been a very dramatic year. i wish it was all good drama, but mostly bad drama.

2010 will most likely be somewhat dramatic since the 2009 drama is not ending anytime soon.

2010 also mark that i have slightly less than 2 more years to go :D

as the day approaching, i m somewhat scared, excited, lost, happy and sad. i m such a confused bitch.

anyway, happy new year all! :D

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