Wednesday, December 30, 2009

stupid is as stupid does...

i think i have too high expectations on ppl. and i hate myself for it. i hate myself for getting all pissed when ppl do stupid stunts....

what happened?

welp, i clinched a very high profit job recently but needed our drivers to play distributors. anyway, we divided into 3 regions, East Coast (which we outsourced), Northern (Perak, Penang, Kedah and Perlis) and Southern (Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor).

There are about 20-30 points to be delivered in each region and the deadline is tomorrow. However, yesterday's result was so damn disappointing that i feel that the drivers should just drop dead and die or something! Let's talk about the Southern Region, since i am from the South.

The Southern Regions consist of Seremban (8), Port Dickson(4), Kuala Pilah, Melaka (3) (town), Muar, Segamat, Yong Peng, Mersing, Kulai, JB (8 points) and Pontian.

The ultra smart driver delivered Yong Peng, Kulai and Mersing - ONLY on the 1st day. 3 out of 30 points when he can actually deliver at least 10 points if he uses his brains. yes, that's the route he used. He exited the highway at Yong Peng and delivered. Then he enter the high way and exited at Kulai and delivered 1 point..... and then he shoot up to Mersing to deliver 1 point. I was so damn fucking pissed lor. Harlow?? You already sampai Kulai already, might as well shoot down to JB and deliver all the points and then shoot further to Pontian only go Mersing then go Segamat, Muar, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan area right??? Why the fuck did he fucking deliver 1 point in Kulai then shoot up to Mersing? doesnt make any sense at all lor. Or, from Yong Peng, shoot to Mersing, then shoot to Kulai, JB, Pontian then shoot up north to Segamat etc mah! He is wasting the diesel and toll and time lor!!

The best part of it all is, Finger and Mr 5cm dont see anything wrong with the driver's actions. if not because our Bosses is currently bereaving, i will straight away report to the bosses already. coz it's just plain WRONG and STUPID!

P/S: for those of you who dont know much about Johor geography here's the map


  1. ya... i seriously think so too.... it's no wonder i m nose bleeding and having high blood pressure....

    need to calm down....