Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i got nothing to blog and yet i feel like blogging.

damn 'mau toon' right?

there was a huge drama last nite between ms know it all and mr 5 cm with her ended up screaming like a mad bitch : FUCK YOU!!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!

what did i do? i was laughing silently in my cubicle. damn professional, aint she? :D

anyway, the whole story was her fault for over promising customer and not informing us. then when we didnt do as what she promised her customer (becoz we didnt even know of the extra service she promised to her customer) she came over and screamed at us and used her most favorite sentence : You all CR are all useless! unlike us CMR!

nia ma.... damn tulan lor... CR and CMR are both Big Boss' company and we are all working in the same fucking company lor, why wanna divide until like that?? like hell she is damn good at her job la... she also always kena bambu by the boss and customer what. omg... i wanted to bitch more about her but i realized the more i type, the more i get tulan so i decided i dont wanna type further.

i look down on her.


  1. "I look down on her"...

    hahahahaha.... that's a good one! lols

  2. hehehehe..... kam siah ah peeeps....

    yesterday she at it again....i think if there is an award ceremony in the office, she will get the title of The Stupid Annoying Bitch award and her speech will go like:

    "I would like to thank myself for being so bitchy and awesome and everyone in the office for being so much more smarter than me. Without you all, i wouldnt get this award... thank you! thank you!"