Monday, November 30, 2009


YEP... that's where i went the last weekend. and it was fun!

it all started with Big Boss asking us if we wanna go Penang with him and lady boss or not. and since i have been craving for hokkien tah and assam laksa with hae peah, i said i wanna go la... So Big Boss, Lady Boss, Finger and i went up north....

Friday, 27/11/09

Big boss was suppose to pick us up at Finger's house @ 10am. So went there @ 9.45am with a lot of awkward moments. apparently his parents doesnt really talk too.... and Big Boss was late. 10.30am only came... then we head over to Subang Parade to get a wedding gift. Reach Prai at around 2ish to meet Jenniefer and her bf for some superlicious steamed fish, lala and stuffs (no pix coz was too hungry to whip out the camera). the fish and lala was so damn fucking good that we ordered 2 rounds of it :D after that lunch, we head back to Finger's brother's house to freshen up and then rush out to the wedding reception @ St. Anne's Church. My shoe koyak. =.=" damn pathetic, i tell ya... you can see all 5 toes wriggling =.=" anyway, we were late for the ceremony :D we arrived when they were outside taking pictures. Mingled with those suppliers and talked bizness, then boss decided that he is thirsty and drove us to Auto City. Played a few rounds of gin rummy with cards and drank some and then one of the supplier came and join us. we drank and talk until about 8.30 before we left Auto City and the wedding dinner starts at 7.30 :P. So drove all the way back to BM and see see we were actually still too early =.=" mental note to ourselves, need to be 2hrs late, not 1 hr late.... after dinner, boss decided that the night is still young, so we head down to Auto City again for some drinks. drank a lil and then off we went back to Finger's place to put up a night.

Saturday, 28/11/09

woke up at god forsaken hour of 7am. went for dim sum breakfast then shoot up to Alor Setar to meet the body builder. i tell ya... they are fucking warm and nice ppl la... we went over to their house and talk cock a bit, then head down to makan lunch at this place dunno what's the name, but the food damn nice lor... after lunch, we went over to the body builder's place to see our truck. and then hang around there for awhile then went back to body builder's place for some wine and then somehow we got invited to have dinner at their house (the wife is a fucking great cook). so we went to Bukit Kayu Hitam to meet with our supplier and i learned some new stuffs. then... the highlight of the trip... the supplier brought us out to Thailand (Sadao) without passport! :D we had the most sweetest and juiciest baby pineapples and some mango + glutinous rice and it's damn fucking yummy lor... we also saw how the trucks got cleared and it was pretty interesting la.... then after that, we shoot back down to Alor Setar for the dinner. and yep... Annie is an extremely good cook. i wanted to have 3rd helping of rice already... but paiseh la.. :P after dinner, we had more wine and cakes and what nots... then we went for char kway teow (yes! we ate damn alot this whole trip lor) and then we went back to the body builder's house to continue with beer (see! told you my boss is an alcoholic!). we left the place at around 12am. and decided that it's too late to go back to kl. so we went back to Finger's place to put up another nite.

Sunday 29/11/09

woke up around 8something, shoot down straight to Nibong Tebal for hokkien tah and assam laksa (like finally!!) :D after that, we head down back to kl. fell asleep for dont know how long, only to be waken up with Big Boss and Lady Boss discussing where to stop for lunch... so we ended up going to Bidor for their famous noodle... honestly speaking? i think it's just so so only. Then we decided to use the old trunk road to go back to KL coz the highway was damn jam lor... stopped at Kuala Kubu Baru for toilet break, then shoot back home. reached home around 3ish, started with the dvd, but before i could finish one episode, i ended up falling asleep and woke up today...

yep... i slept for more than 15hrs :D damn shiok! :D

this trip has been great lor... i needed to get away for awhile, and this serves the purpose! :D

now Big Boss and Lady Boss is planning on a Fraser's Hill trip during CNY (yep, most likely not going back anyway, so yea, i am sooooo looking forward to the trip and the ghostly experience! :D)


  1. wow.... sounds like lots of dry & liquid food plus lots of good fun too. I can imagine the yummy homecooked treats! Must be yummy!

    We might have crossed path in Bidor :). Got lost in Bidor at about 3:45ish on Sunday on way to Sg Klah....lols

  2. i was thinking of the same thing as well when i read ur blog post :D

    i dont even remember what time i was in Bidor actually coz when i woke up, we were heading to Bidor and i groggily alight the car and cross the road to groggily makan. i was stoning all the way until we masuk back to the car :P