Monday, December 21, 2009

disgustingly sick...

... ya... damn disgusting wei. i've always been suffering from nose bleed since young. then it stopped for awhile. recently, it started with a vengeance. been nose bleeding non stop daily. to make the matter worst. i m currently having the 'heaty' sickness... you know, the sore throat to the extend of bleeding at the throat, the cough from the phlegm that has been developing since the sore throat (think bloody yellowing phlemg - told you it's disgusting), runny nose, fever.... all the works. but this is the 1st time i bloody have a bloody nose together with all these ailments lor.... so wat happened yesterday was, i couldnt really sleep due to the blocked nose, the next thing i know, it started to bleed as in gushing out a lot of blood. and i was too tired to go to the toilet to put the bloody nose under the running water (that always help), so i just stuff some tissue up my nose and tried to sleep. woke up every 30mins or so (so u can imagine how fucking tired i m now) to remove the stuffed tissue with a new one (apparently last nite's nose bleed is too much). and then this morning, woke up to brush my teeth and i have this bad habit of vomiting bile when i brushes my teeth (dunno if it's normal or not la). but today, instead of bile, it was blood! all stale black blood! =.=" disgusting hor? at 1st i thought.... wtf was that???? i also didnt drink red wine last nite (yes, whenever i got drunk by red wine, i vomit black substances)... then realization dawned upon me... omg that's blood! and i got fascinated by it. so i made myself puke again by brushing my teeth again :P and more blood came out. and i sort of mm kam buan la... coz i really wanted to purge out all the swallowed blood (yes, the bloody nose punya blood flow into my throat) , so i brush my teeth AGAIN :P

yea... so i literally vomited blood this morning....

am feeling damn sick now in the office. if not becoz of some projects that needed to be follow up (yes, i dont trust my colleagues enough to handle it) i also wont crawl my way to the office.

and i have every reason not to trust my colleagues la. the things that i emailed them to follow up on saturday (it was my off day) he didnt follow up at all lor. his reason is he forgot. so convenient hor? i specifically told him it's ultra urgent coz we need to move the goods today. but he conveniently forgot.

then just received another email for another job. asked him where's his follow up, he told me he forgot - again!

but on saturday he can remember to sms me to kacau me with this msg: hahaha you are off today, still zzzzz?

LIKE WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY?????? (and yes, i was still zzzz coz he sent the sms at 6something in the morning!)


  1. not enough alcohol? lols.. just kidding. take care ya... go drink leong cha...

  2. lol.. thanks... am drinking a lot of '3 legged water' now.... :D