Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i want to rant about something but i dont know where to start....

the thing is, i find her extremely annoying and stupid and ignorant and bitchy and ugh.. i cant think of the words to describe her more. when she was younger, she is always competitive with the rest of us. minger always feel like she is comparing herself with minger with regards to relationships. what i feel from her is, she is always there gloating when i m feeling down. bitchy, i know. so anyway, i called her yesterday coz i wanted to check with her about some part time job thing. then she started her usual bitchiness.

i recommended her number to the part time company to call her to do survey coz i know she needed the extra money. and according to the company, she was very rude and bitchy. so i called her la, and she went aiyah... RM200 only mah, what's the big deal. ok lor... to me RM200 can make me survive for at least 2 weeks leh... so nevermind. she is rich ma. then she continue telling me her story on how upset she is coz her car window kena pecah in Genting carpark. coz they left their laptop on the car. u say stupid or not??? and then she got the cheek to DEMAND me to help her write a complain letter. and i told her off la. she has no ground to complain due to her negligent and stupidity. and then she shouted at me telling me off, if i dont wanna help, just say so, no need to lecture her. fine. i let her be, she wanna behave like an idiot is not my problem. then she started to bug me about minger. asking me where is minger. so i told her, minger is in penang yet again. and she asked me why. and i told her i dont knw. if she wanna know, call minger and ask her herself. and then she went: why dont you wanna tell me? why everytime you want me to call her and ask her things when u already got the answer?? and i got fucking annoyed alre, i alre told her i dont knw why minger is in penang what. if minger wanna tell me, she will, i dont need to ask one leh. if she so curious, then mah call minger la! tiu! then as if she is not bitchy enough, she started to bug me about my dad. and i told her nothing happened. and then she kept on bugging me with questions that obviously my dad did call her and told her everything. she just wanted me to show her how miserable i am so that she can gloat. god. i really hate her alot la! bitch! oh oh... and then she started to bug me about the kluang trip on xmas which i told them i m not gonna make it. and she has the cheek to lecture me about not being family oriented enough when she herself doesnt go back that often! and then she asked me if i have found a job and i told her not yet and then she started to lecture me about not wanting to go back eventho i am jobless and all those crap which really pisses me off and i asked her: so you are cursing me that i will not find a job by december issit? if i get a job, i will be working on christmas coz i m looking for a call center job and i wanna work midnight shift. and i will get triple pay for working on public holiday! and then, with a snide tone she said: if you say so!

omg i tell you, she is so damn fucking stupid, ignorant and annoying! she just cant accept the fact that there are ppl who enjoys midnite shift! and that there are other call centres out that there operates 24hrs! coz she went on asking me why am i joining Digi again. like really wtf????

i know la, she must really know that she is really stupid for getting herself in the stupid situation she is in, so she decided, miseries loves companies, that's why she is trying to dig miserable news from my side. well you know what? fuck you and your dead grandmother's asshole! i have had enough of you! and i hope you still stalk this blog so that you know i m dedicating this whole post to you! bitch! i hope you will stay out of my life forever!

you wonder why you dont have much friends. go look at yourself in the mirror. you will know why. you are so bitchy, who wants to be friends with u???


  1. ya u can laff, but when u are in my shoe with such a bitch as your 'close' cousin who shares the same surname and supposingly grow up together like sister, you will get annoyed and pissed too =.="

    anyway, i feel better after ranting alre :P i just need to remind myself to pity her for her stupidity instead of being pissed with her. :D