Wednesday, October 14, 2009

flash back...

ended another ride tonite. this time it's even faster. not yet meet, only chat on msn and on the phone.

what kinda ride am i talking about? welp, way back in May 2002, when i was blogging in, i sort of concluded.... erm.. wait.. lemme just past it here:

my life is like an amusement park.... the guys in my life are like those amusement rides..... those guys that i've met and stop contacting each other are those guys that i've been on the rides and came down. now does it all makes sense yet? anyway.... as i was saying guys = rides, some rides are exciting, some are damn boring and u cant wait to get off... well, HE is one ride that i am on and i dont wish to ever get out coz he is like THE ride of my life... but alas! all good things have to come to an end and i feel like i've been forcefully thrown out of the ride and barred from going on the ride again..... there... makes sense? oh yeah.... dont get me wrong.... i DO NOT mean sex when i am talking about the rides... i am just trying to say that guys comes and goes in my life.... the phase that i've always talk about.... what i am feeling right now is that i still wanna ride on that ride...... i still wanna have more fun.... why must it end so abruptly? why cant i have as much fun as i can before i volunteer to get off the ride myself? sigh..... life is so sucky.....

disclaimer: i dont quite remember who he is but i suspect the he i was talking about could be the asshole in my phonebook :P a lot of things happened after that blog entry la.

so anyway, so i got off one of the ride today. the beginning of the ride was intriguing. but after awhile, i got annoyed and irritated with the whining that the ride was making about how unpopular his ride is and how no one seems to wanna ride on his rides. then the ride decided that i m not good enough to ride on and threw me off the ride. which honestly speaking, i think it's good riddance to bad rubbish :D

of course at this point of my life, apparently the amusement rides are now applicable to guys and gals and work. :D i m also coming down from the working ride and soon i will be riding on another work ride. :D

anyway, the childish immature side of me wish to say this: fuck you and your grandmother's asshole, banana chan! you whine and complained to me for the past 1 mth about how pathetic your life is coz you have no friends and when i offer to be your friend, you told me i m not good enough... well fuck you! now we all know why you dont have friends! tiu!

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