Wednesday, October 14, 2009


apparently it's not a commonly used word... hmm...

anyway, we all decided to celebrate Big Boss' belated bday. 1st, we brought him to his favorite restaurant on the pretext that we told him we are broke and wanted him to belanja us. which he went along la (yes, Big Boss and Lady Boss are damn generous one) then we ordered all his favorite food and when the bill came, we told him we are paying :D the expression on his face was priceless :D

then just now at around 5ish, Lady Boss came back with Secret Recipe Durian Cheesecake. at the 1st bite, it was heavenly, like eating frozen durians... then second and third was ok, at the fourth bite, i began to feel jelak and needed to drink a lot of water to wash it down... then i cannot take it anymore. so i put it aside.... and in the end, it took me almost 1 hr to finish a slice of cake =.=" now i m feeling damn fucking jelak and feel like puking.

so as usual, i started to lament out loud that i m feeling jelak. and Mr 5cm never heard of the word before and laughed at my language. only to find out he is the one suaku.... typical of him. :D

today everyone was asking me if i confirm leaving. and if the bosses has tried to retain me. which i think is damn busy body of them la :D

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