Friday, October 23, 2009


i have reached to the point of dont wish to try to justify myself. so whatever you say or whatever you assumed, just go ahead and assume la. as far as i m concerned, i am disowning everyone in the family. dont come and contact me. i have no intentions or whatsoever to have anything to do with you all anymore.

i always feel like i m the black sheep of the family. why? coz my parents loves to talk bad about me in front of the whole relatives. yes, my parents. when all other aunties and uncles praised or bragged about their children, my parents will just talk bad about me. yes, i will never be good enough to be their daughter. i m too ugly to be my mom's daughter (yes, she said that to me before) and i m too useless to be my dad's daughter (yes, he says that me to all the time). but i persevered, coz i do believe i love them coz they are my parents after all. but yesterday's incident is just too much la.

i admit, i m in the wrong for owing banks so much money. but you have to admit, i have not asked u for a single sen to settle my debts. i m still settling it monthly. so you have no fucking rights to come and bombard me, scold me, and even demand illogical demands from me, even tho u are my so called father. and then u go and stab the knife deeper by telling me how all those relatives looks down on me. harlow, whose fault is it? who is the one who finds every single fucking chance he has to bitch about me to all the relatives when i did something wrong? if he dont tell them, will they know and will they look down on me?

aiyah.. malas to write and elaborate anymore la.

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