Wednesday, October 28, 2009

bitching post, no need to read... mental diarrhea or something...

i wanna bitch again.... *woof*

she is damn fucking kaypoh la! yesterday, i was talking to Mr. 5cm and Finger... ok, no, i was scolding Finger. so anyway, as usual la, we 3 like to bicker one mah... then Mr. 5cm started to tell me i should like Finger and give him some TLC which makes me even more tulan la... so i told them: The day i like Finger is the day i become Miss Universe!

so the ms kaypoh was sitting quite a distance away, and suddenly she piped in: again? again? i wanna hear it. i missed it la!

which makes me even more tulan la... and i told her off, why so kaypoh? too free issit?

this is one of the few incidents from her la...she always masuk campur when Mr. 5cm, Finger and I talk and it irritates the hell outta me. coz seriously, it's none of her fucking business and yet she is always kaypoh-ing. and then not only that, she will start bitching about us, about everyone to the bosses.

the other day, she kidnapped us out for lunch and causes us to come back 1.5hrs late. and she was bitching about everyone and everything. Ms Gan was in the car, and she has the cheek to bitch about Ms Gan by whispering to me (i was sitting at the front passenger seat). i think it's damn annoying lor. u wanna bitch about others, u go bitch la, by whispering to me in front of the 'bitchee' is too much lor... like implicating me for nothing!

also, she always come and talk to me about her husband, her daughter and her unborn son. like hell i m interested??? everytime she talk to me, i will give her the look like i m in pain or like i m having constipation and not say anything... and yet she still dont fucking geddit!

also, she is not that pretty la... and i think she has too much testosterone hormone in her or something coz she is fucking hairy lor... she has beard and she dont shave her armpits and she always wear sleeveless baju and then always raise her arms to show her forest full of armpit hairs especially when we are fucking eating lunch! and she fucking think the world revolves around her alone! like really niamaput one u know!

the other day, Ms AFM was lamenting that she wanna perm her hair. and then the ms kaypoh annoying suddenly piped in saying: ya la, she see me perm my hair, she also wanna follow.

1st, Ms AFM is waaaay much healthier than hers lor. her hair perm alre or not yet perm also damn messy. macam didnt perm at all.

then one more incident. she lamented in her FB account that she is very tired. then at the end of the day, i was talking to Lady Boss and told Lady Boss i m going off early coz i m tired from lack of sleep. and the ms kaypoh can pipe in and say (yes, she is damn kaypoh one, whoever talk in the office she will listen one.. shows how productive she is right??): just becoz i say i m tired in FB, you also tired ah??

i got fed up with then and smiled sweetly and said: the whole doesnt revolves around you, you know?

bitch. omg. i cannot stand her! aaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!

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