Thursday, September 17, 2009

another attempt...

... at blogging.

i m finally a Bruglione :D that's a great feat for me since i've never ranked so high before. i also killed 3 ppl in a war.... also another great feat coz the most i've ever killed in an acc is 2 :D

funnies that happened last nite in office:

5cm were lecturing Finger on communications at work. Finger has no communication skills whatsoever. imagine la... balak how to communicate one? also, since he is such a balak, he always expect ppl to tell him what to do, even if it's written in front of him, he still need ppl to open their mouth and let him know one la... ya.. spoon feed.

so 5cm was going on and on and on with a lot of weird analogy... so i decided to chip in for the sake of chipping in...

Big Cow: Finger, just like next time hor, when you got gf hor, you need to communicate also one, people dont understand your nods and stares one leh...
5cm: ya la,.... just like next time you get married, and your wife say "Darling, we 6 mths havent have sex already" and you say what?? you will say "Ha? issit? you also never tell me!"

*whole office burst into laughter*

5cm: ha... i will be different la... i every night also do, until wife terkangkang
Big Cow: but 5cm wor... how to terkangkang???

*whole office burst into laughter again*

yea... i think i've mentioned a lot of times, we are very crude :P

joke aside, job wise aint that good la... emails have been flying left and right until i also no mood to check emails anymore. but now i think a bit better la... *cross fingers*

enough updates for now... back to more work.... left only 1.5 days to finish up all the pendings :(

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