Saturday, August 1, 2009

to you...

i dont like to chase for money. i know how it feels when you are broke and kena chase for money. but the thing is, i m also broke. banks has been chasing me left and right. and you know it. and instead of 'seng mok' pay me monthly, i have to beg for it every month from you. i dont like it.

so what if you are not the only one who owes me money? what makes you think i didnt chase for it from others? the point is, i am desperate for the money and i will chase whoever i can chase. so i dont really appreciate the craps you told me. i have my fair share of sob stories to tell you too, care to listen??? and the point is, you do owe me money, so dont go and taichi it to others. i am chasing them as well. just pay up.

how about now because of me being black listed by the banks, and me being a director of my dad's company, now the banks dont wanna approve the loan to my dad's company? did i tell you that? no? or how about the banks has been chasing me, calling me daily in my office for money making me even more stressed out? did i tell you that? no?

the thing is, everyone is broke, everyone is trying to solve their own issues. you taught me to care about myself 1st before thinking about others. so here i am, doing what i need to do to survive. if you cannot take it or accept it, too bad.

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