Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eirene's bday was GREAT! :D

Saturday 1/8/09

Eirene's actual bday but planning to celebrate it on Sunday (konon-nya follow american time la :D). So i stayed back in the office to discuss the company's trip stuffs till about 6pm and then Big Boss, Lady Boss, Ms Asst. Finance Manager and i went to Subang 15 for rojak and cendol :D After that, we went to the t-shirt printing shop to print some t-shirts for our trip. Went home to watch DVDs.

Sunday 2/8/09

Woke up dunno what time, watch some DVDs, go out for lunch, went to pick up the cup cakes (damn yummy and nice! :D All thanks to Terri :D do check out her blog! :D), went home to wait for dad and mom to arrive, then we all headed to 1u to meet up with the 3renes and the gang :D i ended up buying 2 books and 1 slipper (for the Kijal trip). After the kiddy party, we all adjourne to McD's for more kiddy food. :D dad were having a party of his own with his high school classmates :D yea, incidentally, they all decided to meet dad at 1u too and celebrated Eirene's bday :D Oh oh, dad left us, making me and mom kinda pissed. So i told him, fine, we will go shopping in his absent and whatever mommy and i spent will be on his account :D. And spent we did :D bought a lot of DVDs and stuffs and spent a total of RM800 :D

Monday 3/8/09

Woke up 10ish to meet 3renes and gang for brunch at Tai Thong. Parents left soon after the brunch. hung out at their place and played all kinda kiddy games with the kids :D Was kiddingly offered a job as the kids nanny so that i can go to USA. Siao... :D Anyway, Dorene were telling me how she discipline the kids. When the kids are naughty, she will ban them from watching TV for maybe a day or a week or dont let them play with their Nintendo or something like that. And i was amazed that they are that obedient and not touch it... then suddenly Eirene (bear in mind she is only 6 yrs old) chirped in and say: "Yea, our life is strange like that" =.=" 6yrs old and think their life is strange?? lol... damn cute! :D

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