Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby and I

baby and i knew each other way back in 1993 when both of us were active in Leo Club. He in BP, me in Kluang. We became fast friends when we started hanging out a lot. when i got my license, i stole my dad's car and drove to BP to hang out. If not, i will just take a bus ride there. He is damn cute lor. characterwise, that is :D

when he came out of the closet to our gang, i was damn happy. at least he is happy and knows what he wants. then slowly we drifted apart. the last time i talked to him over the phone was back in 2006 when i was working in ITT. then no more. i lost all the numbers in my phonebook. recently i got his number from a mutual friend via FB and i called him. he didnt answer. i sms-ed him, he didnt reply. i tried a few times over the period of a few months, but Baby never answer my calls. i thought, ok, maybe he is busy working, lawyer ma, sure damn busy one... but he never returned my call. i memang feel weird already. did i say something offensive to him the last time i talked to him? i dont remember wor...

so anyway, last nite Minger and i were at pyramid and we passed by this restaurant and i stopped, sitting next to the glass panel looks like a very jaded looking Baby. so i asked Minger, is that Baby? Minger also say look like Baby. So i took out my phone and call him. he looked at his phone, silent it and continue ignoring my call whilst i was standing outside looking at him doing that.

like. W.O.W. that hurts. i m feeling more hurt than insulted, feeling more confused and curious than angry. what when wrong? what did i do last time? how come i dont remember one? :(

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