Tuesday, July 14, 2009

of MF and E.N.Y.A...

nothing much to blog about except that i cant stop smiling since yesterday. since he called me TWICE and exchanged 30++ sms-es last night :D

i know everyone is asking me to give up on him already. i know i should. and i know we are just very good friends, but i cant stop my heart going beepopbeepopbeepop wor... how?? :P

anyway, last nite minger and i decided to have steamboat after i couldnt get a single person to teman me makan banana leaf rice :P and halfway thru makan, he called. and we talked and talked and talked :D and somehow or rather, we ended up making plans to go Sepang Gold Coast. i can fantasize us talking a romantic stroll by the beach, laughing and talking and holding hands. :D *sigh*

so anyway, minger was rolling her eyes the whole time i was hiao-ing with him on the phone (minger: you think i didnt see ah? :P)

anyway, after dinner, went home to watch Grey Gardens and sms-ed him about my predicament of having health conscious friends who dont eat banana leaf rice and apparently it's one of his fave and he promised to bring me to his fave restaurant soon :D *cloud 21 liao* then we talked about how S-L-O-W Grey Gardens is and he called me back immediately if i've slit my wrist and ankle (sms-ed him that Grey's Anatomy is so damn depressing i wanted to slit my wrist alre the other night :D) and we ended up talking nonsense and laughing and then silence. i wanted to invite him over to watch the movie with me. :P i dont know what he wanted to say. but we didnt say anything and ended the call awkwardly. weird. i know.

i just cant stop thinking of him the whole night after that. and he is the 1st thought that came into my mind this morning when i wake up.


oh oh... saw Telinga Serigala's pic on FB. omg. she changed a lot... so look soooooooo erm... matured. sms-ed that to Ms Windy and Jading Woonding and next thing i know, Ms Windy also uploaded her pix on FB and she look exactly the same as before :D like she hasnt age at all :D But Telinga Serigala's daughter is quite cute :D look like the hubby :D

ok la. gotta stop liao. omerta beckons :D

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