Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Moron and Someone whom i've grown to respect

doing some self analyzing this morning. i seriously loath those morons. actually, i only loath one moron. :D the others, i couldnt be arsed about them. no, actually, i m pretty impressed with the other person (yes, khian, i am talking about you). at least her blog post is still pretty real and has substance, unlike the moron (dah la england tak powderful enough, substance put takde and most of the time, in 1 post she self contradict herself a lot. a true sign of a moronic person :D *waves at moron*).

ok, the self analyzing part. i loath her. and somehow i still stalk on their blogs, eventho i cant stand the moron's writings :P (no need to lie to the world that i DON'T stalk, when i DO :D and i know they do too). so anyway, as i was saying, i do stalk on their blog and i know they do (any idiots also can see la, duh). we seriously loath each other alot :D really a hell out of alot. i loath the moron coz she is simply too manipulative and cunning, the villian in those hk/taiwanese/japanese/korean drama series.

khian, i am not talking about you yet, so butt out for a moment.

so anyway, as i said, we loath each other, and we stalk each others blogs eventho we loath each other. it's a pretty stupid thing to do, no? so i started analyzing (yes, i do that sometimes) and then i realized, none of us are willing to stop stalking each other coz we loath each other so much to the extend that we want to know EVERYTHING about the other party. be it to defend ourselves, or to get more ammunition to attack each other, we just dont want to lose out. think kiasu-ism :D and then i started thinking, this is gonna be like a never ending thing and i dont have much patience for this long drama anymore (what is this? some thousand over episodes hokkien drama, meh? :D).

conclusion is, i am gonna stop stalking them completely. this is getting stale and i am getting bored. and that doesnt mean that i m putting up a white flag. i see it as useless to stoop so low to fight with a moron :D you guys are still welcome to stalk on me, who knows, once in awhile when i m in a bad mood, i might use the moron as my easy target again :D and that also doesnt mean that i m putting my guard down. trust me, i've so far made 2 police reports on the previous comment received from "Bruised" and also on the statcounter report :D

khian, i've read you entry the other day about your mom and you. that was what i meant about the homosexuals in my past entries - homosexuals has it tough in our society, coz more than half of our society are homophobics and it's sad *shakes head*. i dont mean this as a malicious or gloating post. i know it's hard. be true to yourself. the most important thing is you need to understand yourself and love yourself 1st before you can give in and think about other's feelings. guilt trip from parents can be a bitch. i know. my parents are the biggest drama king/queen on earth and they just love to give me guilt trip once in awhile. Being homosexual doesnt make you less of a daughter to your mom. :D *show peace sign*

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