Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning...

... small cow finally put up the pix of before and after in her new blog. yep, her backside itchy, so she decided to move her blog :D

go read it here la

ok, to my defense, i did sweat a lot when i cleaned the aircon :P

also, the curtain in the room has to go

also, already say mah, 4mths later, Finger will be recruited to clean the place as well :D

also, i found more things to throw away last night :D

yes, i m still in the "throw everything away" mode :D


  1. wanted to comment over at the before/after photos but cant. anyway, now i know why you all need so many hours to clean... ppl live like that one arr? Now I understand why you mentioned i would only score 1% if i take up the 'how lazy are you' quiz in FB..lols......almost fainted!

  2. lol! dont faint dont faint! :D

    and yes, there are ppl who lived like me ;) since young my dad has been nagging at me to clean up my room and all that, i m just a naturally born messy person :D

  3. lol! you are always seeing the positive side in everything :D thanks ah :D