Wednesday, July 1, 2009

big cow..

... is really old alre....

i m still feeling lethargic from the kluang makan trip the previous weekend. i've slept quite early lately (ok, not yesterday tho, was boiling porridge on the phone with small cow :P), Sunday nite slept at 10pm (!!!) and Monday night slept before 11pm (!!!) and Monday and Tuesday morning can overslept until 8.15am (fucking late for work) and i am still tired! omg...


but then again, i love to sleep :P the max hours i've slept non stop without waking up to go to toilet is 27hrs :D and when i woke up, i thought i only slept for 3 hours :P


lack of sleep causes big cow to do even more weird and stupid and silly stuffs. told small cow of the stupids that i've done yesterday, and she said: "What are the stuffs that Big Cow wont do??" quite true lor... i seriously need to grow a brain :D

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