Friday, June 26, 2009

One thing leads to another...

Chloe, u’re digging your own grave by replying. But if u chose to reply and protect eeyore. I respect that.

ever since I start blogging until now, I believe that blogging is a place for people to express one’s self. So I believe, this is not for publicity. If it is for the sake of publicity, she would post every single place she know that she can put a link. Nor her msn is stated “oh! Drama going on. Come and read!!”.

But unfortunately, when I was with Eeyore, I blog things that im not happy with, like arguing with her. And at the end, conveniently my blog got hacked. Which honestly speaking, I don’t believe it until this date that it’s being hack cos Eeyore is the only person who knows my password. Yea. Back then she said that it was being hacked by someone she know. Coincidences? Oh… I forgot, u guys are all on her side. How angelic.

Now, my own replies to your comments, as u can see I’m one of the contributor here, so I believe I can have my voice here.
1) U r a smart girl too rite? Why make silly decision on leaving a comment here and get bombard at now? BigCow IS smart bcos she did not chose to publicize this. She is just blogging. Oh. Forgot to thank u guys for dropping by thim. Thanks ha…

2)Seriously, I don’t quite understand what r u trying to say here. But ah. I agak-agak la. Like I said in point 1, she did not have the intention for publicity. She just wanna blog. Which part of the blog r u seeing that she is hunger for publicity?

3) u have the freedom to change the blog address, we have the freedom of speech.

Quote : And i dunno HER well enuff s i knoe..
the one i knoe tat is HER temper..

My temper? Hmmm… ok. Can u see the picture now? Everyone wants to be the angel. She did not tell u what ELSE she did hor?

Quote : y dun SHE juz do the post bout tis incident again in her blog..juz write again on her blog?!
Why SHE nw juz keep quiet?!u say de ma tis blogger she oso can do her blog her de ma..then y dun she post tis kinda of blog herself?? Tel me..y wan u tis stupid bitch do all for her ar?

why ah? Because I see things until I sien jor. Sien till no more fire jor…

By the way, if u r saying why I do not wanna blog this myself, but BigCow is blogging all these, why u all wanna make noise when it is referring to Eeyore. Same situation rite? No?

u know very well this is just directed to u. Yea. I know friends are united all that. they chose to put themselves in the picture. how can we stop ourselves by not welcoming the others? they wan to stop or not, it is at their own will. When u did not say anything, did we add more stuffs?

Big Cow is just blogging her mind out. with no intention for a blog war. but u guys choose to come in here, makan the chilli and terasa pedas and K start to blog in her blog and your gf come n give comments. Indirectly, u guys are the ones giving free publicity to BigCow.

The only person i want to thank here is Sam. no, not because u havent voice out anything here, and God knows what u guys have been talking about. it is bcos i am still however grateful for the things u did. examply the rubber band, which is still with me and the hot pack that im still using every month. thank u...

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