Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear Chloe

aih... chloe. yes. We are both girls. In fact, we are all girls that is involve in this so called drama/blog war. And yea, I understand how it feels when your partner being shoot at with nasty words. I know. if it is happening to my gf or my best friend, i wont step my leg in and make things leads to another. i would just sit next to her and be there for her. not adding salt and pepper and vinegar and spices in the situation. THAT is what im gonna do.

Bcos no point arguing and putting up nasty comments in that person’s blog. One thing I learn from my current gf is that, when u r upset, and u use nasty words towards others, the person who is feeling hurt even more is u urself and it wont cause any impact on others other than just a joke.

think again, if u or khian did not respond to the 1st post, will this thing drag until the way it is now? And now it is even getting yourself hurt. For love, yes it is worth it for you. But, is it worth all the damage that all these are causing on u yourself?

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