Friday, June 26, 2009

how stupid can you be, bitch?

i am fat, yep, i can diet. :D i am not ugly and neither are you (for those who label others ugly must be ugly themselves, coz it takes one to know another ;)). :D but i am sincere about the homosexual part and it's not as a taunt or joke. it's hard, really, i know.

my stand on homosexual society has always been liberal. and i will remain liberal. it's their rights and no one should stop them (not even those religious dept!). so, in my previous entry about homosexuals being oppressed in this part of the world, i stand by it. maybe in another 10 yrs time, our country will be slightly more open to homosexuals, but sad to say, not now :(. i hope i can live to the day where same sex marriage is legal in this country (but then again, i doubt it la in this near future). that i am sincere about.

and i am sincere about the psychological scars on homosexuals stem from the society's view of them. making them growing up confused, sad and sometimes self destructive. i m not saying all of them are like that, but most of them are. that is sad, but true. if you terasa, maybe you had such confusing childhood too?

whatever it is, as i've said repeatedly, if Eeyore did not start with the nonsense at the forum's thread, i will not rant about it in my blog and generate so many interested party :D *waves to all*

edit: look at her post, i rest my case about what i said above. no, i m not gloating or anything bitchy like that. i feel for her though. i wish her all the best and may she find peace and happiness with her mom. *shout out to auntie: love your daughter for who she is la. no matter how she dress or look, she is still your daughter!*


  1. Mine is nonsense and what she type is facts?She were the one who started it and my reply is nothing related to her also. You were saying i am sensitive, den means she is too?

  2. what she said in the forum was meant to be a general statement of the not nice experience that she had. the way she wrote it was pretty much in a neutral tone. what you wrote shows that you were aiming the dart at her. that's the difference :D

  3. wah piang eh... blog war? serious shit? keng wor...this is hillarious...! I am definately bringing out the popcorns. :p

  4. hahhahahahahahaa..... help yourself, but hor, sit a bit further la... scared those crazy bitches decided to kena you over nothing :D

  5. At least homosexuals are certain of their "kind". Unlike you, pathetically, you are so confused until you think that you are a cross breed of a cow and a female dog. Perhaps you are really one which explains why you look so exceptionally hideous! (And I do admit that I am ugly...No doubt!)

    Please stop being so childish going all over the place creating so much drama. You are lucky that any other homosexuals here do not know how you look like or else you could have been killed since they have such confused childhood. They can't think straight if one really have confused childhood.

    Stop pointing fingers at other people for your own miserableness. Think before you point out names and at your age, please think and act appropriately. Perhaps you need to visit a doctor to prescribe you some hormone pills to stabilize your condition. Haven't menopause already showing strong symptoms already. Such pity! Guess no guys would wanna have a wife like you. Your outlook is already ugly to be repaired, but perhaps some guys can tolerate the ugliness, but your inner-self is so depressingly haywire and ugly. Your other half might end up chopping you to pieces to make pork chop of steak for supper.

    **I used the word UGLY on you because I myself am aware of my outlook, but I do not have a personality like yours. Biatch!

  6. Bigcow, since when this has become TVB drama channel?

  7. no la... this one more dramatic than TVB it's a mix between Taiwanese and Korean la :P

    ok, i ssgg again :D

  8. Bruised: my my, so angry... i must have written something that is very close to the truth and you terasa, if not, you also wont come here and buat kecoh, right? i pity you :D and who may i ask are you? one of the lollies ah?

    my blog suddenly become damn happening wei :D

    i dunno how many fucking times do i need to repeat myself. but i kinda malas to repeat myself already la... just say whatever you want la. those who really do know how to read will read what i've said over and over and over again.

    and this post was not meant to be malicious. it's the people who refused to face the truth and decided to live in denial that will get agree over the cold hard truth :D