Friday, June 26, 2009


quite the funny how someone's english can be so bad and posted such a long comment in my blog :D not saying that my english is queen's english or what la... but my own defence is, this is my fucking blog, i can write however i want. but someone damn tak tau malu, english so bad still wanna conteng ppl's blog :D *giggles*

ChLoeHueY, let's get this straight ok, stupid bitch, Small Cow is my pet (i know, i know, you uneducated people will straightaway jump to the conclusion that she is my dog, welp, that makes the whole world a zoo, isnt it? :D). When i see my pet kena bully, of coz i get angry la... but for your case hor, more like you are the bitch and Eeyore is the Master la. she is famous for twisting and turning the words and manipulating others.

Also hor, ChLoeHueY dear, if you really bother to read (and try your level best to understand - coz i know my english is WAY more better than yours, you might need to use a few thesauruses and dictionaries), you will realize that i've never ever even advertise the entry about Eeyore and Small Cow anywhere, but that stupid gf of yours come STALKING (meaning of stalking in this sentence is hor, secretly come read ppl's entry, then terasa, then go and make a big drama out of nothing, provoking me further :D - oh wait, i have to explain provoking to you pulak... seriously, i really pity you :D)

all this is stem (meaning start/begin) from your dear gf. if she didnt provoke Small Cow in the forum, the 1st post will not be up, if she did not stalk on my blog, the 2nd post will not be up, and so on. get the picture now? no? oh yea, i forgot, you dont really understand english :D too bad. :D

anymore comments? :D


  1. Starting from the forum, its meant to be public view n comment.She can comment, and I can't?Yes, my gf's english is not as good as urs.You just wanna shoot at me, so left the others alone.

  2. like i say u can write wat u want in ur one can control u!!and i can talk out wat i wan to talk too..i told u d..even my english is bad..but at least my better than u hubby's attitude u oso knowin well ha?! not bad..but i can sure tat u knoe her information juz from tat Bitch's mouth..and one more thing..From the blog tat u write..can knoe well ur attitude..You juz a fucking Bitch!!! **OPS..soli juz a bit rude jor

  3. Chris Wong: go ask ur gf, she started it first with such long long comment. so i guess, she deserve an entry by itself, afterall, she is the 1st person who bother to leave such long comment in my blog. i m touched :D Granted the forum is a public forum and you can write whatever you want to write there. but you being irresponsible, pushing all the blame on Small Cow is disgusting!

    ChLoeHueY: my good attitude only reserve to someone who deserves it, obviously you are not worthy of my good attitude :D but at least you deserve a post all by yourself, you should be honored :D seriously, dont bother leaving comment here already la... coz i need to re-read at least 5 times to finally understand the shit that you are pouring in this blog :D you seriously should be ashame of yourself for not paying attention to English when you were in school (did you actually go to school in the 1st place ah? :P) your 'hubby's attitude, every smart people is able to see thru la. some more i studied in psychology before... of coz i know how to analysed la :D