Friday, June 26, 2009

Blog War pt 3

tsk tsk tsk... a few points to add:

1. Copy and pasting someone else's blog during a so called blog war - harlow? you think you miss popular ah? not all my readers knows who the fuck you are, but nevermind la... now they know. anyway, i doubt they are even bothered about this whole thing. knowing them, they will just skip the whole thing! these entries are just not worth reading! i m only blogging it coz i boh song and i got nothing better to do... :D and you so happen to actually kena my bait to war with me. thanks ah. it's fun :D

2. pls re read my entry again, my dear useless friend, did i tell you who to be friends with?? i was merely telling you, it will happen to you. it's your life, for all i know you might be a masochist who loves it when ppl hurt you and betray you. i m just stating a fact :D *wide eyed*

3. go read the forum under the thread : "Your friends, her friends" it all started from there. if your friend did not start all these by digging up the past and putting all the blame on Small Cow in a public forum, none of this will blog war thingie will happen. yes, this war thingie is a result from a domino effect from that forum :D and no, we are not THAT boh liao to ruffle the feathers unprovoked, ok? i know la, i m quite the siao siao, but i am not THAT siao, ok? :D

4. personally, i think your blase attitude about your friends is pretty troubling.... this shows how much you actually do treasure friendships :D good luck to your 'many friends'

5. from what i see, the so called lollies were formed coz the individuals feel displaced in the society and needed a place that they feel they belonged. but it will not last long also. these kinda friendship doesnt last long coz they dont have the base foundation at all. once something major happened, the lollies will break up. then come another group with another silly name. the most important thing is to love thyself and understand your ownself before you form a group of friends and give silly name to it. but i see it as memang susah one la... homosexual society in this part of the world are still oppressed. and that causes a lot of psychological scar on the individual homosexuals. that is sad. so growing up with such scar as a homosexual naturally causes them to be more drama than normal females :D that is a fact. they have to fight extra hard to be accepted into the society.

ok la... i really malas wanna continue already.... more like Finger has fucked up my shipment again. damn tiu!

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