Friday, June 12, 2009

i was talking to LM last nite on how fucking busy and crazy the past few weeks has been. been staying back in the office late daily. the earliest time i've ever left office was 8.30pm...

i m exhausted. mentally.

which is a good thing coz the weeks passed by damn fast. it's as if like just yesterday i was playing gin rummy with the karchengs and playing with Baby Chanel (by playing means laugh hysterically without rhyme or reasons coz that's how Baby Chanel got entertained and laugh hysterically as well :P sooooooooooo cute! :D)

i havent been thinking of MF - much lately... too busy... except on the day that i got buta buta scolded. i sms-ed him. but he didnt reply.

so that's that.

anyway, this weekend will be a relaxing one (i hope) gonna just stay at home and read and sleep - i hope. waitaminit, maybe not though....

maybe going up Genting for a one day trip with Linda and Tony and Baby Chanel :D...

whatever it is, it's gonna be a great weekend la :D

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