Wednesday, June 17, 2009

damn sleepy....

woke up at 6am yesterday coz LM is suppose to send me to Kelana Jaya LRT station coz Ms. Asst Finance Manager is suppose to fetch me at 7am to go to Lady Boss' place so that we can all car pool to Wisma MCA for our Intermediate Level Excel course. Lady Boss overslept... and we waited for about 30mins.

the course was pretty interesting la... the 1st 2 chapters or so was pretty boring coz i already know the stuffs that the lecturer was talking about. anyway, can surf net, so i ended up chatting with minger and going into FB all the time :P... and the food...'s good la :D the feeling is like we are playing truant and eat the whole day like that. we were served breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

after the course, Lady Boss suggested that we head down to Chilli's @ KLCC for some Magaritas... LOL. really like playing truant like that right? We arrived Chilli's at about 5.30pm and we sat and drank and talk and laugh and munch on tortilla chips till 11something! it was really really fun and great! i really got to know them really really well and it was great! :D anyway, we planned to go Kluang in 2 weeks time and it's all gonna be eat eat eat!! :D

oh oh, i think i m suppose to be on a diet or something :P and then i forgotten what happened, i suddenly told them that next weekend i will strike lottery and if i do, i dont wanna go on diet alre, straightaway go korea for plastic surgery :P and they laughed at me and then say i should pay for their tickets and hotel rooms in Korea coz they will go teman me when recuperating =.="

and we talk about children and how much i dont wanna have my own kids and how much i like to play with Baby Chanel :D. Speaking of which, if i m free tonight, maybe i should pop by and kiss Baby Chanel :D

and we talked about relationships and our dream destinations and work and a lot of stuffs la... basically we were laughing all the time :D

gotta get back to work alre....

damn sleepy actually....

the aftermath of fun fun fun, laugh laugh laugh is sleepy sleepy sleepy :P

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