Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Planned Kluang makan trip for my colleagues :P

Kluang makan makan trip itinerary:
Date: 27th & 28th June 2009

27th June 2008

2pm – Leave office (cannot be later than that, if not hor, it defeats the purpose of going to makan makan – reach late, most makan place also habis makanan already)

5pm – Proceed straight to Yean Kee (closes at 8pm) for Ngau Lam Mein (Beef tripe noodles) – must order their lai fun

6pm – Check in to hotel

7.30pm – Sin Hon Kee – Beef/Pork balls noodles – must order their yellow mee

8.30pm – Fortune telling session with my mom (to be confirmed la… if she in her drama mood, better not la :P)

9pm – Desserts

10.30pm – either sleep, or go watch movie in one of the 2 cineplexes in Kluang (but cannot guarantee enjoyable la - MBO and Lotus Group) or go sing karaoke (have to ask my dad which is good though)

28th June 2008

9am – Hoover for toast bread (must order the toast bun, toast slice & half boiled eggs & not forgetting their coffee or their Teh c peng – ooohhh lala!)

10am – Curry laksa!! Kluang’s curry laksa comprise of see hams, char siew, fried wantan and some other yong tau foo ingredients… must try!

11am – Go visit the Kluang organic farm (think dragon fruits)

12pm – go Kluang Railway station to take photos (to prove you all been to Kluang before mah)

12.30pm – Yong tau foo!!!! :D

1.30pm – Assam Fish Restaurant or Highway Restaurant for taichow

3pm – Another round of beef noodles, but this time round will be Tangkak style (honestly speaking, me being biased, still prefer the Yean Kee beef noodles la)

Other things to do (besides eating)

Play badminton (need to tell in advance so that I can get my dad to book the court)
Walk around Kluang Mall (the latest shopping complex in Kluang – nothing to shout about, but can help digest the food)
Climb Gunung Lambak (this one, you all climb yourself la, I go home and sleep :P)
Buy coffee powder.

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