Wednesday, May 20, 2009

yesterday was not a very good day. lots of dramas. something traumatising happened to lm and i m doing my level best to be there for her. anyway, i think everything will be settled tomorrow, which is good. :D i know the scar and impact will remain on her for a long time, coz i went thru that a coupla years ago and i know EXACTLY how she feel.

so anyway, i m finally gonna watch Angels & Demons tonite! yay! :D damn happy :D

i was pretty depressed last nite. but after sleeping over it, i think it's just so not worth it. so fuck care la... :D

going to collect my prize and have a 'photo opportunity' tomorrow :D what prize? there that one that i won..... :D i cant wait to get hold of my prize. :D

gotta stop now. work beckons :D

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