Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ming Zhong Zu Ding Wo Ai Ni / Fated to Love You / You're My Destiny

.... yea, i am seriously crazy over this show :D so crazy to the extend that i wanna get original copies... but hor... i wasnt that keen to pay that much la... so last nite, after having supper with small cow, i asked her wanna go SS2 to my fave DVD shop to get DVDs or not. she say she dont mind... so off we went. We go in only....

Big Cow: Lao pan, you mei you ming zhong zu ding wo ai ni? (boss, got fated to love you or not?)
DVD man: *jumped up with a shocked expression* pu ke yi!!!! ni yao ming zhong zu ding ni ai wo, ni yao wen kuo wo de lao por sien... (cannnot!! you want to fated to love me, you need to get my wife's approval first!!!)
Big Cow:.......
DVD man: *shiok sendiri laughing his ass off*
Big Cow:.........

yea... he is pretty 'fai' but funny la... :D

i like this shop coz they got a dedicated DVD player and tv for their customers to check the disc :D. anyway, i found 3 discs that i know MF will like and 3 discs that i know i will love :D actually hor, MF's show also i know i will love one la... since his taste in movies is almost the same as mine :D i also got the clear version of Ming Zhong Zu Ding Wo Ai Ni :D yay! :D i m still contemplating on getting Dirty Dancing. reason being my current copy punya subtitle not that good and also that it's a bit the cacat alre :P

last nite small cow and i were talking about our past. small cow was telling me about this bitch in her class who is a bitch. yea. bitchy. but something happened to the bitch that makes small cow feel damn good. what happened? welp, they were having their art exam and this bitch was sitting in front of small cow. the bitch turn around and look at small cow's work of art and went: eeyer... why you draw until so ugly one?? then moments later, their art teacher pass by and saw small cow's work of art and say: good! good! very nice! keep up your good work! and then proceed to see the bitch's work and next thing small cow knew, the teacher whack the bitch on the shoulder and say: so ugly! draw properly la! LOL.... this sort of make me reflect, are bitches born bitchy? or do they turn bitchy under social circumstances? i always try to believe that human essentially have a good heart. they just act and behave bitchily, assholey and bastardy due to some unforeseen circumstances. am i right? but if that's right, then something must be really wrong with that above mentioned bitch coz that incident happened when they were 14/15 yrs old. when i was 14/15yrs old, i've never encountered any bitchiness amongst my schoolmates. only my family members. hence, i was pretty innoncent then :P

ok, i malas to elaborate what exactly am i thinking or feeling already.... coz i know i m not good at writing all these. coz i m, err... not that smart :D

am meeting MF tonite. but somehow hor, i m sort of dreading it. dunno why leh. maybe becoz i m burnt out. i m actually fucking tired at the moment.... really old liao.... 3 nights in a row sleep late and wake up early... my body cannot take it liao :D

gotta get back to work liao....

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