Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i know i havent been updating for days.... :D anyway, lots has happened....the 1st few days here were dramatic, i even cry myself to sleep the 1st nite... now, i m too exhausted to feel anything. life here is so damn fucking dead! sleep at 10pm, wake up at 6am daily. 1st day of work with dad was on a sunday. yep, sun fucking day. when everyone is sleeping on a sunday, i was working.

but honestly speaking, my dad's company is really in deep shit la... dont have a proper system, no proper records of money coming in or going out and then he can come and tell me he dont know where is his money.... =.="
anyway, i cant type much for now. coz i need to audit the company's accounts. lots to do.....

depression mode: fucking on

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