Friday, May 15, 2009


elo! its me! the small cow.

what? u dont wanna see me here? well... i have to be here! im one of the contributor here! hence, i insist to be here!

what? where is big cow? i have left her alone in the field so she can finish all the grass on the field.

what? u dont believe me and u suspect i've kidnapped her and locked her in a dark room and make her hungry to death? u mad ah? she's big cow ok? i wont do that to her la!


ok la. on the serious side. big cow balik hometown alre due to some family business issue. and she said there's no internet connection. even there is, it is dial-up. so, to avoid her looking for a parang and chop the screen and cpu into 2 due to the fantastic speed of dial-up, she rather not online. and also... she's too busy to online.

i kinda miss her around lor. :(


no. im not crying silly. im having flu.

big cow! me wait u come back ya? den we go sushi again. :D

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