Wednesday, April 1, 2009

some people are just plain rude. so there i was applying for a few jobs and suddenly this bitch came over and started to blatantly stand behind me looking at me applying for job. which sort of pisses me off so i tell her: Excuse me? i doing my own personal things here? can you pls fuck off??

so yea... bitch. no sense of privacy. kaypohchi....

yes, i m pissed now. which makes me even more rakus applying for job. just now, i was minding my own business doing my job, suddenly Finger decided that he hasnt fight with me today, come telling me how to do my job and bugged me to send the bloody report to the customer. i told him the driver is not back yet, i want to wait for the driver. but no..... he come and tell me can send already and furnish me with the information. right after i sent, the driver came back, and found out the info is wrong! tiu nia ma chau hai! now i have to resend the stupid report which makes it seems like i am such a careless idiot! what the fuck is wrong with the ppl here???? why the fuck am i still in this fucking company???

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