Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Project 365 - Day 2

..... i wonder will this be a hangat hangat tahi ayam thingie. anyway, here's the pic for 31st March 2009

So anyway, took half day leave yesterday (that's why dont have multiple posts yesterday ;)) to pick my dad up from the airport. Yes, he is finally back from his road trip to Vientiane, Laos. Seems like he and Uncle FC enjoyed themselves too much :P. Anyway, since we are sending Uncle FC back to his home at Tmn. Melawati, he decided to belanja us makan Kajang Sate at Tmn Melati (nearby) - erm... please dont go there makan ah... lepas makan only i saw loads of German Roaches roaming around the table..... eewww..... anyway, after eating and dropping Uncle FC back....

Papa Cow: Girl ah, wanna go up Genting?
Big Cow: What?? i didnt bring jacket leh
Papa Cow: Inside not cold what
Big Cow: errr....
Papa Cow: Go up for 1 hour only. Try luck
Big Cow: err.....

So yea, that's how we ended up in Genting :D Won RM50 for myself and my dad won a few thousands. In the span of 1 hour :P.

Anyway, guess what Papa Cow bought for me after this 12 days road trip?
"My dad went on a 12 days road trip to Thailand and Lao and all he got me is this lousy chocolates :x"

Yea, chocolates! *sarcastic mode one* i just luuurrrrvvveeee chocolates! =.=" but better than nothing la... at least he bought me something - eventho it's bought in Malaysian Airport and nothing from Thailand and Laos..... nevermind... it's the thoughts that counts... i know, i know.. :P

for those who dont know me, i dont like chocolates. chocolates are disgusting. :x

oh oh, just found out from my dad, apparently my episode with my bro, the email that i sent to him? welp, apparently he insaf la.. and he did call mummy on that day itself *giving ownself a pat on the back, good job Big Cow! :P*

ok, i dont know what to write alre. bye.

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