Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Project 365...

... gonna join in the bandwagon of this project thingie. at 1st, i wanted to start on 1st April like small cow.... but last nite, there was this opportunity to take really random picture that shows what we did last nite :P

So, for my very 1st pic starting 30th March 2009 is.....

Promised small cow last week that i will bring her go KLCC to take pictures before i return my dad's car. And since i have to return his car today, last nite was the last nite i can bring her go take picture (a promise is a promise) :) so we braved the drizzles and drove all the way there just to tak a coupla pics :)

before that, we went to Ikea to... errr.... i also dunno for what alre... we had dinner at the Ikano... then... errr. we went to The Curve coz small cow is like totally in love with Daiso :P

After KLCC, we went back to get my spare car keys. Coz i needed to bring my car back alre. Brought small cow to makan the world's 2nd best roti telur.... the best is still in Seremban :P

by the time i reach home, it's alre 1ish.

Anyway, here are some of the pics taken last nite:

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