Monday, April 20, 2009

Project 365 - Days 19, 20 & 21

17th April 2009

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Nobody puts baby in a corner :P. I love Dirty Dancing. And i think it's the best Romantic/Chick Flick ever! :D Anyway, Friday after work went home feeling kinda down. was pissed with MF for going MIA for 3 days. but later found out he was in bed for 3 days. so ok la, forgive a bit la.... so went home to watch Dirty Dancing.... towards the end, i did what i always do, sending random sms-es to ppl. This time, i sent to Small Cow and MF: Random thought of the day: Dirty Dancing is the BEST movie ever! :D

which resulted in him replying his views and we exchanged a few sms-es before he asked if i m game with having supper with him. by that time it was alre 11.38pm. and i, being one of the unfortunate soul, needs to work the next day. but i told him ok anyway. sorry la, i know i weak hearted. hard to say no to meeting him leh.. :P as he was bed ridden for the past 3 days surviving only on bread, he was deprieved of food. and i cant think of a place to bring him go eat since i wasnt planning to eat anyway.... i dont know about u all, but Friday was fucking hot! so hot until no mood to eat. So anyway, he suggested BK. and i can only think of 2, the Curve and Hartamas and he decided to go to Sungai Buloh. See see when we sampai there, BK werent open, KFC was. And he ate KFC. we then planned to drive to LCCT for McD - coz of a bet :P i told him since he's driving, i am ok with anything and it's only 1 toll away, as in, u masuk one toll and keluar the next. and he told me no, it's 2 tolls, meaning to say, have to pay twice. so we ended up decided to see who is right. but...err... we got lost and ended up in Kepong and then he suggested, let's eat dim sum at jalan ipoh then. and we got lost again :P so i was randomly asking if he eats hokkien mee and with must gungho-ness he said yea, and asked if i wanna eat. i find his deprievation of food damn endearing la :P so no, we didnt go for hokkien mee. we went to that dim sum place -after getting lost a few times, actually more like he didnt believe me when i tell him to turn at the place where we were suppose to turn :P so we talked and laughed till we were tired and when we went back to the car... omg! 4.20am! and i gotta wake up at 8.20am! how la!! :P anyway, i fell deeper for him that night :D

18th April 2009
*pic removed* :D
This is my fav pic i've ever taken with Small Cow :D. As expected, i couldnt wake up for work. so i called in sick. anyway, since i wont be meeting MF till 9pm that night, Small Cow and i decided to meet. at ard 8ish, MF sms-ed to tell me that he will be late coz tyre puncture. anyway, he took a cab over and Small Cow became our designated driver. Ended up eating at TGIF, then we went to the Gardens, wanted to catch the movie but.... we are fated not to watch it in cinema la... being lost, and dont know what to do, we decided to go LCCT to once and for all see who wins the bet. of coz it's me :P then after that, went to Putrajaya to take some pic and then headed to Cheras Taman Connaught's drive thru for drinks till 6.30am. all 3 of us. yea. 2 nights in a row of having late nights. yea, i m painfully in love with MF :P

19th April 2009
Pix taken in Putrajaya. Didnt do anything at all after coming back from the night out with MF and Small Cow. Slept till at night then read some, then sleep again :P

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