Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Cow's language

... most ppl who knows me know i have limited vocab. i dont really know how to express myself and usually i replace the name of a lot of items as 'thingie' or 'toing' or 'tong xi'... so anyway, just now as i was using the system in the company, i realized that the content column do not recognize this --> "

yea, that toing. i always thought it's called the quotation mark. so i called vendor to tell him la:

Big Cow: CJ, the booking form punya content column cannot recognize the quotation mark
CJ: the what?
Big Cow: err.... that toing toing.
CJ: *burst into laughter* toing toing??
Big Cow: you know... aprostophe punya 2 times. aprostophe is one toing, quotation mart is 2 toings la...
CJ: oh.... ok ok, i get them to check for you how come 2 toings cannot be displayed. *laughing all the way*


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