Monday, April 13, 2009

i have this really really great cousin. whenever i ask her out, she gave excuses of no money or anti social or some kinda crappy reason la.

but hor, i just found out, eventho she has no money, she still has money to go sing karaoke. wow. thanks.

the best part was, i really needed someone to go out with last week when i was down. and she refused, claiming no money. wow. thanks.

i seriously wonder why was i there for her when she needed someone. why was i there for her at the pits of her life. think jack. eventho i shouldnt even get myself involved and she shouldnt have dragged me into the fucking situation! thanks bitch.

you know this is not the 1st time you are doing this to me. and you and i both know it wont be the last time coz you have taken me for granted. but that doesnt fucking make it right, bitch!

u go urself la the hong kong trip!

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