Monday, April 13, 2009

Project 365 - Day 13 & 14

Day 13 - 11th April 2009

I finally forgotten to take pix. Somemore it's suppose to be quite 'kam tong' :P So i've spoken to my Lady boss about my predicament. I think dad will not be happy. havent tell him yet. So anyway, left office around 4ish. Met Ah Yi, coz she cooked 'tong sui' and wanted me to get some from her la. see see what she gave me was what i'd call : "Xin Fu Pian Dan" aka "Happiness Bento" :P Instead of only tong sui, what i got was: tong sui, 2 packets of cookies, 2 packets of Old Town 3-in-1 white coffee, half a papaya & 3 mangoes.

My eyes were like terbeliak alre when i saw that after i reached home. I called Ah Yi and she explained:

1st, you eat the tong sui, then eat the papaya. then go and take your nap (yea, i told her my plan for the weekend is to sleep :P) then when you wake up, eat the 3 mangoes and cookies and wash it down with the coffee.

wah... so complete! :P so i called Small Cow and tell her, damn kam tong la... :D And Small Cow ask me to call Ah Yi kai-ma... lol... so yea, that was the day 13 that i forgotten to snap pic :P

Day 14 - 12th April 2009

went dinner with Ah Yi, Ah Ma and Small Cow at Papa John's in IOI Mall. OMG... the food is damn fucking nice la! :D after that, went to Daiso to look see look see. Then Padini Concept Store coz Small Cow needed a sandal. Ended up gotten 2, courtesy of Ah Yi ;) then when we are leaving IOI Mall to Sri Petaling, Small Cow ended up a Sick Cow... go see her blog and know what happened la. So ended up tapau-ing the food in Sri Petaling and then balik. Yesterday's rain is damn long winded hor?

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