Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i had a really really nice chat with ah mui today. altho the topics are pretty bimboistic :P we were discussing about make-ups! omg. can u imagine? me? big cow? make up???

lol. it's true. :D and it's just a phase la... it will end real soon... and i m so surprised today when i found out from ah mui that all these while the Australian IP that access my blog is actually not her! :O

so she was reading all the old posts today and she is addicted to the oldie, I Will Follow Him. she proves something to me, I AM SO DAMN FUCKING NORMAL!! coz i thought i m going crazy putting the Ni Na Me Ai Ta song on repeat mode since yesterday. :P thank you ah mui, for making me feel sane ;)

small cow and i is having this fake drama now. why? i think coz both cow backside itchy lor.... but i am quite sick of the dramas la....

i miss him... surprisingly, not MF. :P Shin, i miss you leh, hope you are feeling better. i dont know what to say. i m bad with all these social niceties.

Shin, if what he claims is true, we knew each other since 2000 or something like that when we were rakusly irc-ing. according to him, we chatted in #trivia. why everything also according to him or what he claims? coz i have a memory of a dory fish. i dont quite remember. but what i do know is, he is very very very very nice to chat with la.... according to my gmail, our most emails per day is 100++ :O true or not ah, Shin? i guess the reason why we are able to communicate so well is coz we've never met before :D so it's pretty easy opening up to someone we have not met before :D thanks Shin :D so anyway, yea, something happened and i hope he is feeling better soon la :(

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